Green 532nm DPSS Laser Fixed Head

We provide Laser systems ranging from 150mw to 35watt. We are able to use fibre optic feeds for remote Laser scanning heads if required.


3w DPSS Melles Griot 532 nm Green Laser

3w DPSS Melles Griot 532 nm Green Entertainment Laser
Diode-Pumped Solid-State Green Laser
Our diode-pumped solid-state green lasers provide high power output in a compact air-cooled package. They are ideal for use as outdoor laser display devices, projecting up to 6 miles away. Other wavelengths are available. Please see our White light / Multicolour range of entertainment Lasers


35W DPSS YAG Green Laser


35 watt ND YAG green Laser display systemGenesis is the first in their new range of solid state systems. The laser delivers 10 watts in CW mode and 35 watts average power in Q-switch mode at 532nm. At full power the laser head draws less than 6 amps from a standard 13 amp wall socket. Cooling is effected from an integral chiller unit, eliminating the need for mains water.