China challenge

Show Laser Systems installed a 40Watt laser system compatible with Chinese characters.


Dave Simpson of Show Laser Systems was responsible for the recent sale, installation and training, of a 40W DPSS Nd YAG laser system, with Pangolin controller


Our customer needed to project Chinese characters and lissajous effects across the Yangtze (visible projection distance approx 20Km,depending on weather conditions) river in Chong Qing, China and to make known the prominent property developer 'Sunshine 100' (Translated to 'Yang Guan Yi Bai' in Mandarin).

After re-installing Windows 98 Chinese version the capable employees were able to assist in typing Chinese text and subsequent projection within 1 hour... normal digitising or scanning of Chinese characters would take at least 4 days.


Show Laser Systems 40 watt DPSS Laser


David Simpson - Show Laser Systems