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Show Laser Systems, Singapore, supplied a multi output laser system for use a large shopping centre in Kuala Lumpur.

The Sunway Pyramid Shopping Centre is externally designed, not surprisingly, around an Egyptian theme. A Sphinx-like lion sits at the front of the complex overseeing traffic on the main road, and behind him rises an 80 metre high shiny pyramid. At the top of this is an area of anti-reflective glass, behind which is mounted a NatScan projection head, the glass allowing beams and effects to be projected outside from all around the apex of the pyramid. Inside, the flat inner skin allows for projection of graphics, effects and animations, which can be triggered in time to music, to complement the output of numerous lighting heads. With the four surfaces, viewing can be done from any side of the central galleries under the Pyramid.

The outside of the whole complex is very impressive, not only by the size of the whole structure, but with the attention to detail in continuing the Egyptian theme. The whole of the outer walls depict hieroglyphics and ancient Egyptian drawings, all finished in an earthy red/orange colour.

Internally, Sunway has attracted a large number of retailers, influenced by the appeal and promise of a highly attractive centre. Built on the same scale, if not larger than American type Malls, the layout is open and bright on all three levels with pillars topped in gilt and floors of marble. Near the site is a large water park and impressive new hotel, with more to be built close by. There will be a mono rail link stopping right outside the complex.

Dave Simpson of Show Laser Systems negotiated to supply the laser system comprising of: six fibre fed effects heads, one fibre-fed NatScan and two 10 Watt Coherent Sabres.

Laser Equipment Installed

2 Coherent Mixed gas Sabres 10w (whitelight)
Voyager 7 channel Laser controller
6 fixed scanning heads (Cambridge 6800 scanners)
1 NatScan 360 degree head
1 x 70 mtr fibre optic cable
2 x 60mtr fibre optic cables
3 x 30 mtr fibre optic cables