Laser Hire O2 New Years Eve

Laser Hire - Show Laser Systems at The O2 Arena


Show Laser Systems Ltd utilised 2 Moving Head Lasers, one 3 watt fixed head Laser and a 500mw multicolor fixed head Laser to project animations, text and Logos on New Years Eve for O2 at the O2 Arena London. The moving head Lasers alowed animations to be projected on the canopy, and all walls of the venue. The coundown was projected on to all surfaces.


2008 with O2 and Show Laser Systems

2008 with O2 in place of normal '0's!!!!


2008 with O2 and Show Laser Systems

Animated Dolphin swimming and jumping through the O2 Logo using the Matrix Moving Head Laser and 500mw multicolor Laser for New Years Eve countdown at the O2 Arena 2007 -2008